EDD: Interaction Design Class 5

This was the last class of Interaction Design module of Exploring Design Disciplines. Dinesh Sir kept the first session of this class as a question and answer session. We got to know a lot of stuff about the course. Like not a lot of knowledge on coding is required. Basics of JavaScript are good enough. Sites like processing.org and p5js.org are open source libraries from which we use codes given to us for free. Eventually we give back to the libraries by making our own code.

Areas like digital humanities are where interaction designers get hired. Digital humanities is the intersection of digital technology and humanities. Also many incubators invest in interaction designers for their ideas and provide managements and promote the ideas.

Gaming at an entry level is also learnt in this course. Entry level as in not 3d or 2d games but censor based games. There’s also animation but not at making movies level but interactive comics can be made. Service design is also a sector in which interaction designers can get into.

The curriculum consists of both studio, theory and studio+theory works throughout the 3 years. User research and data visualization are two important parts of the 3 years. It also consists of algorithm building, story telling which is an important aspect in any design, critical thinking, applications and website development and adaptability.

Three things I found really interesting that he said were:

  1. Have fun doing what you do



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