EDD: Interaction Design Class 3

In this class he started off with with talking about data points and personas.

Persona by definition is a public image of some person. He explained it by an example of motorcycle owner. A motorcycle owner will always know what the price of petrol is or where to buy tires or where the repair shop is. So knowing all this data, the persona of that person becomes that of a motorcycle owner.

So connecting data points and persona, persona could also be defined as collection of data points about a certain person. Apps and programs use these data points in terms of cookies. This action of programs is called machine learning or deep machine learning.

While talking about data points, he showed us a Hassan Elahi video. It was a TED Talk video in which he talked about his experience of being considered a terrorist involved in the 9/11 attacks, at an airport by the security. Not being offended by that, he continued to make a note of all the places he has been after that and made a website “just in case” the airport security questions him again.

Hasan Elahi: FBI, here I am!

Inspired from that, he asked us to make yet another house map. But this time, he asked us to make it a map showing the amount of time we spend in each room.

My House Map Showing How Much Time I spend In Each Room



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