EDD: Interaction Design Class 2

navneet nair
2 min readJun 19, 2021

After the last class, I was very excited to begin the next one. The main theme of this class was Anecdotes. Anecdotes are basically stories that are taken from our regular lives.

Like for example, I was told that vaccination for 18–44 had started at a place a little further than my area. Me and my family went to the place to get the vaccine. Stood in the line for about half an hour. Turns out, the place didn’t vaccinate people between the ages 18–44 yet. So me and my sister stood out of the line and waited for my parents to get the vaccine. As my parents got to the receptionist, the receptionist told them that we were not allowed to get the vaccine as we were not from that area.

After that he told us about the book “Travels Through South Indian Kitchens” by Nao Saito.

“Travels Through South Indian Kitchens” — Nao Saito

He connected that with anecdotes by showing us an illustrated map in the book. The map was an anecdotal map, which showed a map of a house and some illustrations and texts about stories happening in or near that part of the map.

Anecdotal Map From “Travels Through South Indian Kitchens”

From that he proceeded to tell us about our first in-class assignment. The assignment was to make an anecdotal map of our own house.

My Anecdotal Map