EDD: Interaction Design Class 1

Going in, I didn’t really know how the class will go because it was the first class we had of this module. Our faculty was Dinesh Abiram sir. I had heard many things about him and was told that it would be fun to interact with him so I was also kind of looking forward to it. He started the session off with questions which made us think a lot. Questions like “What do we interact with when we get up from the bed?”. The answer was not as straightforward as we thought it was. The answer was gravity. We interact with gravity all the time. So for interaction with others, gravity is very important. Another question was what three inventions or discoveries were the most important ones? The answers after discussion turned out to be fire, wheel and text/alphabets.

Prometheus giving fire to humans

He proceeded to tel us a story from Greek mythology about how Prometheus gave fire to humans, how a fight broke between humans and gods and how humans used fire to defeat gods which led Zeus to steal fire from the humans. Wheel was pretty easy to guess as it helped us make travel easy.

The discussion for text was very interesting, as we dived deep into the negatives of text. The negatives being how text divided humans into illiterate and literate people. From that discussion, he told us about the Christian story of the Tower of Babel. It’s about how humans angered god which led him to call all humans into a tower and destroy the towers into many pieces which became languages. The punishment being humans not being able to communicate with each other properly because of different languages.

Tower Of Babel

All the questions led to a lot of interesting answers and discussions. The best thing according to me in this session was that he didn’t really show us some presentation except for when he told us about the 10 principles of design by Dieter Rams. Instead, we did what was meant to be done in an interaction design session, interact. Really looking forward to the next class.



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